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I feel, so I exist...

BACH's Floral Therapy combines a dialogue session with an expert who will prescribe a personalised therapeutic essence to be taken orally for 3 weeks, 4/5 drops 4 times a day.

After about one hour of conversation, the expert therapist will be able to identify a specific and personalised combination of essences that the patient receives in a bottle.
(This combination can be done by the therapist or a pharmacy)

A flower bottle lasts about 3 weeks, long enough for the client evaluate its effectiveness and evolution. After this period, it is recommended to contact the therapist again to assess the need to continue the treatment or to develop a new formula.

The floral products do an evolutionary work, some having a relatively immediate effect in the first days or weeks of the treatment. Each person is unique, some problems are easily and quickly solved, others are deeper and need a longer treatment time. Thus, the combination of essences can change from one session to another, according to the client's evolution and needs.

Floral remedies are a form of natural medicine, called "complementary" and as such treats the individual as a whole and not just his illness or symptoms. They are not a replacement for your normal medical treatments, but complimentary. You should never stop your ongoing treatments, particularly for serious illnesses.

Floral essences act specifically on the emotional state of the individual helping the person to feel better about his condition, thus improving his state of mind and often his physical condition.

Each floral bottle contains a composition that is tailor-made to treat each client's very unique needs, taking into account their personal history, their emotions, how they react or are feeling at any given moment. Thus, two people who suffer from anxiety, for example, can benefit from different compositions to treat the same condition - since the cause of their anxiety for each one comes from different situations that are specific to each person.

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