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The flower essences work gently but effectively. They help to remove negative emotions, fears and unwanted states of mind and stimulate the restoration of inner harmony and peace of mind.

The following are examples of conditions and problems that can be addressed by floral essences:

- Depression, sadness, apathy
- Anxiety
- Stress, tension
- Tiredness
- Fear
- Loneliness
- Low self-esteem, discomfort with oneself
- Recurrent concerns
- Anger, bitterness
- Uncertainty, indecision
- Apathy
- Inability to say 'no
- Lack of confidence / Insecurities
- Procrastination
- Bereavement / Trauma / Shock/
- Busy mind, tired, overworked
- Sentiment of disappointment, inadequacy
- Intolerance
- Depression, sadness, apathy
- Jealousy
- Blame
- Impatience, Intolerance
- Lack of direction in life
- Sleep problems - nightmares, insomnia
- Mood instability
- Adaptation to a new life cycle: pregnancy, change of job, home, marriage, separation, etc.

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