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Flower essences are subtle liquid extracts that incorporate the energetic molecules of specific flowers and that act in a person’s energy field.

They are prepared from wild flowers harvested at the height of the flowering season, in the early hours of the morning where there is still a plentitude of dew. They are picked only in preserved, natural environments where the elemental forces are intact and, for this very reason, are extremely potent and powerful.

BACH flower remedies provide a sense of tranquility and harmony of our "self" - regardless of whether the main problem you are looking to solve is physical, emotional or psychological, or if you are just feeling ‘out of form' and 'not yourself' .

Flower essences are for all, including children and pets. Depending on the degree of imbalance, the effect of flower essences can be immediate or unfold at a longer timeframe.

When you use a floral essence, it mobilizes in you the awareness of your gifts and potentials that need to be unlocked, awakened or strengthened.
Florals are catalysts of the personal evolution process, they lead us to identify and transform emotions, favoring access to new possibilities of positive inner life, generating better health, well-being.

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