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Who is Stella

Life is surprising and many times it takes a different turn from what we expect. I say that because this is how I became a flower therapist. 

My first idea of degree was Psychology. In love with the subject since very young, I would always have next to my bed dozens of fashion sketchs and books that would describe in detail the human behaviour, the mind and the spirit. 


At that point I would focus on my model career as well as the dream of one day studying abroad. I am from Porto Alegre, a city in the Southern of Brazil, and an opportunity came for me to move to São Paulo to study Fashion and Journalism therefore the dream of becoming a psicologist was exchanged for catwalks, fashion magazines, styling for cinema, tv and glamourous shows. 

I became na Personal Stylist, a Fashion teacher at Senac for almost 10 years and opened my own Fashion Consulting business where I signed the style of inumerous famous fashion companies, as well as the wardrobe of many celebrities for over 30 years. 


I was already living in Paris for over a decade and funny enough in the Fashion Capital was where my interest in different subjects once more emerged. Spirituality and mind were constantly something that i was torned to. Right, working as a fashion consultant does require a very good dose of psicology to understand people and help them to become more confidente and happy with themselves. Therefore, I realised that my job as a fashion consultant was in fact a counseller, and with that in mind my job became a laboratory of human wishes. 


Helping businesses and people to find their own style through fashion, I realised that I was also helping them to find inside themselves what they truly were, their essence, personality, many times forgotten because of insecurities or simply left inside a box, hidden somewhere. All it was needed was a reminder- “hey, I am your soul, and I am right here”!


I started dedicating all my free time with studies related to psicology, perseption, feeling and spirituality for the honest desire and pleasure to be able to help people to become their true self throughout clothes and a good conversation.

Was one day, like many others when the inspiration came to enroll into the floral Bach. I have always been a Nature lover, and I thought that would be a good idea to add one more course to other many that I have done as studying is one of my hobbies. 


Through this experience, I found in the essense of the flowers the magic I have been searching my whole life. Was almost like I have found my soulmate! I was simply in shock, and all that I wanted to do was study, discover, research and read. It was almost like I was catching up with an old friend of mine after years, and there was no time to waste. I wanted to know everything about her. 


It was like this that the Florals from Dr Bach came into my life and with lots of love and tender I started to share this wonderful work from this incredible english doctor using a phylosophy that I am very familiar with: Simplicity and love. 


My wish is that the light of Dr Bach never gets switched. 

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