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Ana Franke


When Stella told me about the power of the florals I confess that I was still quite skeptical about the results, but because I was so desperate to find balance in being a mother, wife, woman and calm my heavy feelings of being in a depressive lockdown.
I decide to embrace this option and Thank God I have. My initial consultation with Stella had been already special, she digged deep and tried to understand and help me to take out all the stones I had on my way. Who doesn’t want to transform stones into flowers?

In the first day I had already seen results. I was calm in situations where it would normally ruin my day ; I felt excited to create and feed my projects that many years have been archived in the ‘I don’t have time box’ and also felt that my sensibility was enhanced and I was more connected to my feelings.

The drops suddenly became my favourite part of the day, my moment to pause and appreciate life, be thankful and breath! I am on my way to my second bottle, now focused into another subject that I would like to heal, with a more healthy mind and more clarity.
The florals have helped me to wake up a part of myself that I had forgetten existed, and that I was so desperate to find. Thank you Stella.

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