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Camila Schmid

Finance Officer

I Started to develop an interest in self-knowledge a few years ago, and since then I have had many insights and found out the real reason as to why certain things happen to me and why other things don’t. Or better, learning more about myself and how we are responsible for creating all the experiences in our lives.

I found out about the magic of the flowers a few months ago throughout Stella. Her dedication and love for the flowers fascinated me so I decided to understand more about this wonderful and precise universe. When I started the treatment I realized a few new emotions emerged, dreams with people from my past, many perceptions came to the surface and many things made sense. In our consultation, I felt ready to open myself and face my fears, trying to truly search for real emotions that were being hidden under the surface.

I felt love coming towards me, and with this love I felt the need to forgive myself, love, understand and respect myself. Sometimes an anxiety issue has to do with self-esteem.

Sometimes eating too much has to do with trying to fill a gap and not necessarily with being hungry and these issues come under covered and it takes a lot of strength to be able to really look at your problems in the face and say ‘I am here. Let’s understand what I am feeling’. It was only after I started taking the florals that I could see from a different perspective developing knowledge about myself and my feelings. The real ones.

I thought I knew myself, but with the help of the florals I started to question and it is almost like I went to an eye doctor and had fixed my lenses and I can finally see the reality with more clarity and in a lighter way. And that is when things started to transform.

I feel a massive difference in many aspects of my life since I started my treatment, and I believe that the internal search for improvement received a big influence of my friends florals.

I feel more confident, more independent, in peace and more centered. And that is when I understood that traditional medicine helps, of course, but it doesn’t treat the spirit. And this made all the difference. Every time I take my four drops, I feel all the benefits I am bringing into my soul.

I have changed habits that I considered to be a part of me and today I see that were not. Today I can see a new me, that blossoms every day and that is not scared of letting the old go because I know that as the flowers, everything that is meant to be mine will come naturally. There is no need of struggle or stress. The only thing needed is to be. Nothing else.

Many thanks
Camila Schmid, Finance Officer, London

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