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Zuleica Trigueirinho

Gestora de Marketing Digital
São Paulo

I was already familiar with the florals and its benefits, and even though sometimes we ended up forgetting the things we know, Stella had brought them back into my life. The last time I made usage of florals was about five years ago and it was fundamental to face the challenges I was having at that point. And for this right moment is not different. I was very lost, or better saying, I have always been very lost when it came down to giving direction to my professional life. Although I felt and always saw myself as very capable of being a good professional, I never knew from where to start. I could never go over the wall of resistence I had set for myself without even knowing it.

Stella’s approach was very objective and its diagnose was spot on. The results were also very quick. In the first day when I started my treatment with the florals recommended by her, I started to knock the wall down and I was able to see myself and where I was heading to.

I started to feel happier, sleep better, e in very little time I had clarity of what I wanted to do and what actions I could take to achieve my professional goals. I had the courage and clarity for new beggings.

Being 57 years old, I have now started a brand new job around three months ago and it is already being very rewarding. And most importantly : I feel happy and realised. Thank you so much Stella for your availability, generosity and competence.
I hope you will have many opportunities to help many people’s lives. The world needs more people like you.

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