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3 sessions package

Longer-term counselling

  • 1 hora
  • 150 Libras esterlinas
  • business address or online session

Descrição do serviço

In this package you will have 3 full one-hour consultations, paying £150 instead of £180. I will invite you to tell me about what brought you to see me and your current emotional state. This package allows a more intense, long term accompaniment with the client. We will discuss your feelings and state of health and how your emotions change and evolve over the months that we speak to each other. The floral prescriptions will be amended as your inner emotions amd imbalances change for the better. I will involve you in the choosing of the remedies and make sure I have understood your feelings and situation as deeply as possible. We can also talk about what you know - or don't know - about the flowers. At the end of each consultation, you will receive a new personalized treatment bottle according to your needs at the time and clear instructions on how to take Bach's remedies. Consultations can be made in person, by phone via Skype or WhatsApp. For appointments outside of England, I send an email with the prescription formula that can be handled at a pharmacy of your choice

Informações de contato

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