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Peel the onion

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Descrição do serviço

Flowers can help with deeper questions, even those which we are not aware of and which are hidden in our subconscious. We call this treatment "peeling the onion", an allusion to peeling the layers of onion. Think of an onion and its layers. The image refers to the process of starting with what appears on the surface - for example, its most obvious emotion, its most uncomfortable physical pain - and we will work on that. Little by little other issues can arise and this illustrates that caring for yourself is often a learning process, during which different layers of you - be it mainly your feelings, your physical and emotional tensions - are often revealed. In this treatment, the idea that each stage has its own healing and learning - like each 'onion layer' - you will take time to learn about yourself; how you can love yourself more, heal yourself and take care of yourself fully. This treatment does not have a fixed time. Each person decides when to continue or stop. It will depend on how deeply she wants to know her emotions and feel at ease with herself and the therapist.

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